petek, 17. julij 2015

ORCIT has a Slovenian Bookshelf!

Are you professionally or occasionally acting as an interpreter?
Would you like to brush on or train your interpreting skills? In your language?
Rejoice: The wonderful European project ORCIT (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training), an interactive pedagogical tool for trainers and students of conference interpreting, has now been added a Slovenian bookshelf, administered by the Slovenian partner in the project, the Department of Translation StudiesFaculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.
You're not an interpreter? Wait, there's something there for you, too!
The first book on the shelf presents a subject appealing to a wider audience than just interpreters: Public speaking.
When was the last time you had to present a short speech?
I'm sure it wasn't long ago. Today, public speaking is a part of our everyday lives.
But when was the last time you took a course on public speaking?
Worry not if that was ages ago. Here's the solution: you can do it straight away, or at any point when you feel like taking a break from work for a few minutes.
How? Where? Read on.

We are honoured to have been granted cooperation of Tomaž Gubenšek, Professor of speech at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, so it is worth taking some time and click on the book Uvod v javno nastopanje.
It's free and easily accessible - without registration, confirmation emails, passwords or other bothersome time-wasters. Simply click!
The theory presented in the first video book is soon to be followed by a complementary book of exercises, i.e. instructions on how to practice the art of public speaking on your own.
I will keep you posted!
P.S.: For speakers of other languages: ORCIT offers resources in (alphabetically): CzechEnglishFrenchGermanGreekLithuanianSlovenian and Spanish.
Written by and published with permission from Alenka Morel

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